Almanacs, Encyclopedias and Fact Files

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Almanacs, Encyclopedias, Fact Files




Farmer's Almanac

Chock full of information, just like its print version.

 Guinness World Records
Search for world records as posted in the annual Guinness Book of World Records.  A fact may only become a Guinness World Record™ when it’s tested, verified and elevated above all suspicion.

Information Please
Includes the Information Please Almanac, their Entertainment Almanac and Sports Almanac, the Columbia Encyclopedia, and the Random House College Dictionary, searchable together or separately and by subject or full text keyword. 

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The articles from the Concise encyclopedia are available free, but more content requires a subscription. 

Thousands of free articles and available in lots of languages. One caveat: This is an open source encyclopedia, meaning that anyone can add articles or edit and correct existing ones. That means there is no way of verifying the authenticity of the articles. You can see the editing history by clicking on the History tab for each article.  Best used as a starting point for further research by checking the bibliography and going to the original sources.  Many teachers do not allow students to use this source,'

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Specialized Encyclopedias


Encyclopedia of Alabama

The Encyclopedia of Alabama is a free, online reference resource on Alabama’s history, culture, geography, and natural environment. EOA is a partnership of Auburn University, the Alabama State Department of Education, and the University of Alabama.  Includes a quick facts section, good for state reports, and a section for teachers. 


Animal Diversity Web

From the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, this resource gives detailed information about the life and habitat of all members of the animal kingdom.  It is searchable by common or scientific name. 


Art Cyclopedia

This project, the work of an individual, is one of the oldest collections on the web.  It remains one of the best sources for information about individual artists, and also has a extensive series of articles on different art movements.  Most of the images are from museums, or have links to museum collections.  The material is protected by copyright.


Canadian Encyclopedia

Search or browse the subheading under People, Events, Places, and Things. The section on aboriginal peoples includes articles on each of the tribes and well as some specialized information.


Encyclopedia of Chicago

A project of the Chicago History Museum, Northwestern University, and the Newberry Library, this encyclopedia includes articles, maps, and primary source documents. There is an index to special features and a user's guide. 


New Georgia Encyclopedia

Includes a quick fact section and a section for educators, this encyclopedia also includes travel and business information as well as an extensive biography collection.  Written by a variety of people but edited by an editorial board, this is  a program of the Georgia Humanities Council in partnership with the University of Georgia Press, the University System of Georgia/GALILEO, and the Office of the Governor.


Holocaust Encyclopedia

From the United States Holocaust Museum, this searchable encyclopedia also includes photographs and documents.    Includes links on the bottom of the page to resources for teachers, for students and community leaders, and is translated into many different languages. The Confront Genocide section includes information about other genocides, including current events. 


Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP) (ISSN 2161-0002) was founded in 1995 as a non-profit organization to provide open access to detailed, scholarly information on key topics and philosophers in all areas of philosophy


Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Written by experts in the field and edited by an editorial board, this encyclopedia is basically a collection of scholarly mini-articles on a wide range of topics in philosophy.  Each entry includes citation and author information, a bibliography, and academic tools in a box on the left hand side of the entry.


Encyclopedia Smithsonian

Entries are based on the museum's exhibits, and can be searched or browsed by category.  Includes links to resources for educators, and a large selection of activities.  The left hand search menu allows you to limit your search by subject area and also by type of resource. 





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Fact files 


Fact Monster

This searchable site includes an on-line dictionary and encyclopedia and lots of homework help for science, math, social studies, history, English, and sports. There are also games, izzes, and daily features. From Information Please.   Good for lists of things and also basic geography for each country of the world.  Graphics reflect an intended audience of school age children.

This Day in History

Create a time capsule for any date, including headlines, top books and songs, birthdays and prices.

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